Technical support

Our support team consists of highly qualified service engineers working for many years in the field of petrol stations automation. We will be happy to provide you a technical support and consultations and to answer the questions/problems you are facing. Being professionals in this field we support as the products manufactured by us, so as the third-party products intended for automation of petrol stations.

Working with us, you can be sure that the products, services and solutions you purchase will be supported by our technical support system. The experience of our company will help you achieve your goals regarding efficiency and profitability.

List of directions we provide technical support and consultations includes:

  • general consultations on petrol stations automation: selection of forecourt equipment (dispensers, ATG systems and probes, price boards, others) and software suiting to customer needs
  • consultations on putting of power and informational lines on petrol stations for feeding and connection to fuel dispensers, ATG systems, price boards, others
  • consultations and support in installation, connection and configuration of dispensers (fuel, LPG, CNG), tank measurement consoles and probes, price boards, management systems (POS, OPT, consoles), payment terminals, receipt and report printers, barcode scanners, server solutions (loyalty systems, discount systems, bonus systems, analytics), others
  • remote supervision of installations done by us and by third parties
  • start-up works and commissioning of petrol stations
  • remote connection and troubleshooting of problems and errors found on sites
  • assistance to developers of third party applications for integration with our forecourt controllers and other solutions
  • training of personnel and staff and sharing of experience

We propose 2 plans of technical support provision:

Technical support type FREE INDIVIDUAL
Products documentation, technical guides and user manuals
Consultations by emails
Consultations by phone
Consultations by messengers (Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, others)
Priority support
Remote connection
Remote troubleshooting
Remote commissioning and maintenance works
Individual time scheduling with customer
Personal assigned support engineer

1. Free support plan covers responses by our support team to received questions during working days from Monday till Friday within 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. Ukrainian time, response time depends on how busy the team is.
2. For customers using Individual support plan the time and scope of works are individually agreed with a customer and are performed at the highest priority level.

Remember that the correctly asked question allows to find a correct answer!
So, before sending a request to technical support please provide as much as possible complete information on the subject, for example:

  • information about your company, from where you received the equipment
  • comprehensive description of the question/problem you have
  • description of the products you are facing the issue with including their brands, models, serial numbers, firmware versions, etc.
  • sequence of actions that caused the problem
  • description of steps to reproduce the problem
  • description of steps you already tried yourself to resolve the problem
  • screenshots, graphic explanations and log files are a plus!
  • availability of diagnostic information, such as system log files, traces, and data dumps will much help our support engineers to pinpoint the cause of an error
  • anything additional, which can help us to understand the subject better and faster

After reception of your request a separate ticket will be created on our server and one of our specialists will be automatically appointed to help you resolve it, an email will be automatically sent to your email address with details on how to follow the process and track a solution.

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