PTS PAY forecourt payment and management solution based on PAX payment terminals and PTS-2 controller

PTS-PAY application is a forecourt control application, which allows fuel station’s customers to pay for fuel at the dispenser or even without leaving their vehicle. The application allows unattended control over fuel dispensers with payment for the ordered fuel for customers and also management over performed sales with reporting for stuff of the petrol station.

The PTS-PAY application is working on PAX IM30 and A920 payment terminals and uses the PTS-2 forecourt controller for communication with various fuel, LPG and CNG dispensers.

Application also provides gas station owners and managers with automated solution, which eliminates human error and theft. Fits governmental regulation, prints receipt, provides all necessary reporting. The application is suitable for Android based POS terminals. Various payment methods supported - cash, bank cards, NFC, fuel or discount cards.

Introduction #

How it works #

PTS-PAY application uses logical follow the guidelines interface:

  1. Driver picks a right pump
  2. Attendant or driver selects fuel type and preset an order
  3. Attendant or driver chooses payment method
  4. Driver pays for the fuel
  5. Pump dispenses ordered amount of fuel

Attended and unattended types of terminals are supported:

  • If there is no fuel attendant at the gas station - then the client himself leaves the car, goes to the terminal and enters the order.
  • In case of fuel attendants’ operation, driver may stay in his car. Fuel attendant enters the order and brings the payment terminal to the driver only for payment.

Several customer service options are available.

PTS-PAY application provides the petrol station management access to the sales reports on the app screen.

Benefits for B2C (customers of petrol station) #

  • contactless and safe fueling, no need to interact with fuel attendants
  • get fuel whenever you need due to 24/7 operation of petrol stations
  • payment using different payment methods, including NFC contactless, magstripe and smart card reader, etc.
  • receipt printing

Benefits for B2B (petrol station owners, OMCs) #

  • speed up services, full or partial elimination of petrol attendants
  • full compliance with Saudi Arabian government regulations for gas retailers
  • increase sales and margin due to possible 24/7 operation and control under each fuel transaction
  • give your drivers more payment options: cashless and maintenance of various bank cards
  • printing receipts, correct reporting for stations management and to governmental servers
  • avoiding leakages and thefts
  • compatibility with different operation methods: operation at the forecourt or in controlling room by cashier, fully self-service or partial engagement of fuel attendants

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