E-Invoicing solution for gas stations in Vietnam

E-Invoicing has been rolled out by the government authorities in Vietnam and currently the Ministry of Finance is trying to speed up the issuance of electronic invoices for each pump sale at petrol stations. Gas stations owners and retailers are forced to invest funds in additional solutions for keeping their operation licenses to be valid.

On the other hand, mainly manual data entry of pump transactions for the E-Invoicing system causes slowdown in drivers’ service and affects the business on the ground.

Referring to the requirements of the Vietnamese General Department of Taxation related to the regulations on electronic invoices for each fuel sale we would like to provide you with a hardware solution which enables your E-invoicing software to obtain the fuel sales transaction automatically from the fuel dispenser, eliminating possible human mistakes and making this process to be robust.

E-invoicing solution for Vietnam

We in Technotrade company are willing to help you to reach compatibility with the requirements of the Vietnamese General Department of Taxation related to the regulations on electronic invoices and hereby propose you our PTS-2 forecourt controller, which enables your E-invoicing software to automatically obtain details on each performed fuel sale from your existing fuel dispensers directly to your software. Currently the PTS-2 forecourt controller support all existing brands of electronic pumps in Vietnam. Also, it support old mechanical pumps. Mentioned solution was already tested with E-Invoicing system in Vietnam and showed smooth operation.

E-invoicing solution scheme for Vietnam

The major benefits of such proposal are:

  • Exact accounting: amount of fuel provided by pump will be automatically equal to the transaction amount reflected in E-Invoice. There is no manual input, it is done automatically by the ontroller. So, fuel retailer will be confident in absence of any human mistakes or in fuel theft near the pump. Local fiscal authorities will be collecting all fuel taxes, “grey” market will be significantly reduced or eliminated.
  • Fast drivers’ service: as transactions and related information will be formed automatically by the solution, fuel attendants’ operation will take less time.
  • Implementation of extra applications to make the operation of fuel retailers and drivers easier and more efficient. Centralized fuel management solution for retailer or loyalty applications for drivers might be connected to the same solution.

The proposed solution involves the installation of the PTS-2 forecourt controller, which has a size of a bank card, which guarantees a minimum investment for the owners of fuel stations. The PTS-2 forecourt controller controls fillings of the fuel dispensers and automatically uploads information about performed transactions to the database of the POS or E-Invoicing software applications, which can send the data to tax service server.

The PTS-2 forecourt controller allows to collect detailed information on each performed dispenser transaction including:

  • pump sale start date and time
  • pump sale end date and time
  • pump number
  • nozzle number
  • fuel grade ID
  • transaction number
  • pump price
  • dispensed volume
  • dispensed temperature-compensated volume (volume converted to 15 degrees Celsius)
  • dispensed money amount
  • value of volume counter in pump on the transaction end
  • value of money amount totalizer counter in pump on the transaction end
  • value of customer or fuel attendant tag applied for the transaction (the fuel attendant ID card to authorize the pump or the customer's discount/loyalty card)
  • ID of a management system authorizing a pump (local POS system or OPT)

All the brands of fuel dispensers used in the Vietnamese market are well supported by the PTS-2 forecourt controller. Full list of supported brands of fuel dispensers can be found here: https://www.technotrade.ua/pts2-forecourt-controller.html#Supported-pumps-and-register-meters-communication-protocols.

Our joint solution may help gas stations to comply with the E-Invoicing requirements and secure the renewal of their gas station license.

Local providers of E-Invoicing can easily integrate their solution with the PTS-2 forecourt controller by using a rich API.

Our team is providing a technical support during integration, installation and maintenance.

Supported pumps communication protocols #

Need more protocols?

We are constantly expanding a list of supported communication protocols and forecourt equipment.
Please contact us if you are interested in other pumps or probes brands, communication protocols or control equipment not listed here.

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