State Petroleum Products Turnover Control System

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This solution introduces the concept of the Petroleum Products Turnover Control System which is built on the basis of the Fuel Sales Recorder.

Fuel turnover control involves collecting information about fuel sales at gas stations, oil depots or any other enterprises and transferring information about this sale (transaction) to a database server, where this data can be processed to control fuel turnover (for example, the Ministry of Energy) or control over the accurate payment of taxes (the State Tax Office).

Description #

Control over petroleum products turnover plays an important role in energy policy of any country. It allows to control the balance and to identify losses at provision the country with petroleum products and also to account taxes from sales of petroleum products.

At present time not all the sales of petroleum products at petrol stations are accounted due to business entities tend to hide some of them in order to pay less taxes resulting that less money is coming into the state budget. This possibility can be eliminated if refueling and registering of fuel sales are performed automatically and simultaneously in one common electronic device, excluding the influence of the human factor (intentional or unintentional errors in data).

Goals and objectives of creating an automated system for supervision over the turnover of petroleum products:

  • to automate the process of fuel sales registration: each registered sale should be electronically signed and sent to a state server for account
  • to provide the State Tax Office with an automated reliable mechanism of obtaining performed fuel sales by business entities
  • to simplify creation and storage of reporting documents related to fuel sales for business entities
  • to minimize interaction of business entities with the State Tax Office
  • to eliminate any possibilities of frauds by business entities

The PTS-2 forecourt controller makes it possible to guarantee the registration of all petroleum sales and completely eliminates any possibility of distorting data on transactions. The PTS-2 forecourt controller has the following functions:

  • provides fueling of petroleum through dispensers and registration of the performed sales in its memory (with complete details)
  • forms electronic documents on performed transactions, signed with electronic signature
  • uploads prepared electronic documents to a remote server (server of State Tax Office or Ministry of Energy)
  • provides high security, integrity of data and its protection from distortion, loss or modification
  • provides automatic registration of fuel received in tanks and actual fuel remains
  • has small size (size of a credit card), which makes its suitable for installation inside any third-party hardware
  • provides easy integration with existing management systems for petrol stations
  • provides remote diagnostics for quick elimination of any problems or alerts found on petrol stations to reduce downtime
Registration of petroleum sales at petrol stations
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The PTS-2 forecourt controller in addition to the petrol stations can be also installed on the petroleum storage depots and inside the fuel delivery trucks, where it registers performed fillings, actual petroleum remains and in-tank deliveries. Having information from all of these places allows to get a full picture of the petroleum products turnover in the country and to know the balance of petroleum: how much was received, how much was sold and what are the present remains. Such information gives instruments to the Ministry of Energy to effectively control the situation in regions with distribution of petroleum maximizing profits and minimizing losses.

Control over petroleum turnover over the country on petrol stations, storage depots and in fuel trucks
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The proposed solution to create an automated system for control over petroleum products has been successfully implemented in Ukraine as a part of specialized fiscal cash registers for petrol stations and has been successfully operated in recent years.

We in Technotrade LLC are ready to cooperate with the State Tax Offices and with private enterprises to implement such projects worldwide.

Products in structure of this solution:

PTS-2 forecourt controller
PTS-2 forecourt controller

IoT forecourt controller PTS-2 which supports more than 120 brands of pumps and 40 brands of ATG systems. Go ahead with automation!

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