Automatic operation of filling station

For operation of many petrol stations it is important that the fuel dispensers and tanks work in a traditional way of control when the fuel attendant service the customers. However, at this all the pumps' sales and tank measurements are stored to the database for reporting with a possibility of petrol station remote monitoring.


PTS-2 forecourt controller is a popular forecourt controller for automation of petrol stations. It has a feature of automatic operation, which allows the PTS-2 controller to work standalone on the station without any additional control system, providing control over pumps and tanks, saving all data to the database and uploading to a remote server automatically. This feature allows to have completely automatic installations with minimal hardware used on the sight. PTS-2 controller guarantees stable application during a long period.

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At this PTS-2 controller automatically authorizes pumps and stores all sales to database. Also, PTS-2 controller tracks all changes of product measurements inside tanks with storing of all changes in database and automatic registration of in-tank deliveries and discharges from tanks.

Fuel attendants are equipped with RFID tags used for authorization of fuel dispensers, which allows to avoid unauthorized fillings and to track of which pump sales are done by which fuel attendant.

All database records are automatically uploaded to remote server for subsequent analysis: reconciliation, automatic tanks calibration, detection of leakages and thefts.

PTS-2 controller can be used as IoT device for communication with dispensers and ATG probes, collecting and storing data and uploading to a remote server using encrypted communication.

Products in structure of this solution:

PTS-2 forecourt controller
PTS-2 forecourt controller

IoT forecourt controller PTS-2 which supports more than 120 brands of pumps and 40 brands of ATG systems. Go ahead with automation!

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