Pinpad self-service terminal for petrol stations

Self-service terminal Pinpad is a terminal intended for provision of self-service at petrol stations. It has wired/wireless communication and is equipped with a built-in display, keyboard, RFID-reader (Mifare/Em-Marine standards) and Wi-Fi module, which allows it to be used for following purposes:

  • preset of order to be dispensed from fuel dispensers
  • payment using fuel cards
  • check fuel card account balance
  • input of customer's additional data (vehicle plate number, customer name, etc)
  • command to print (reprint) receipt
  • identification of fuel attendants
  • self-service at petrol station

Price: 450 USD  

Features #

Terminal Pinpad may be equipped with the following readers:

  • RFID reader of Em-Marine type
  • RFID reader of Mifare type
  • reader of cards with magnetic stripe
  • bar-code scanner

Communication with Pinpad terminal is possible to perform using wired Ethernet connection or wirelessly over Wi-Fi (in case if the terminal is equipped with Wi-Fi module).

Pinpad terminal is a passive device and is to be used together with a control system for petrol station (for example a POS system or forecourt controller), which give the following advantages compared to “traditional” way of petrol station operation, equipped only with POS system:

  • decreasing of time on customer service due to remote identification and automated processing of requests on fuel dispensing
  • simplification of settlements between petrol station and corporate customers using fuel cards
  • reinforcement of fuel consumption control by corporate customers, exclusion of misuse possibilities

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Pinpad terminal can be configured to service all fuel dispensers or any particular fuel dispenser. Sequence of customer servicing by Terminal (operation algorithm) is programmed inside the control system, which is responsible for management over the information indicated by the Terminal and its actions.

Pinpad terminal serves as a network device having a unique IP-address within the network. Power of separate transceiver is not more than 10 W, which in most cases allows to apply the terminal without necessity to get any licenses. Communication with Pinpad terminal is encrypted and protected from unauthorized using a standard encryption-decryption method.

Besides petrol station the Pinpad terminal can be applied for provision of wireless identification of fuel attendants or corporate customers on other industrial, trade or transport sights.

Self-service terminal Pinpad for petrol stations
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Order information #

Self-service terminal Pinpad for petrol stations
Pinpad terminal
Order code: PNP-TRM-001

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