Remotely control and monitor petrol stations and fuel delivery trucks


The PTS-2 forecourt controller being a modern forecourt controller and able to provide control over any brand of fuel dispensers (pumps), ATG systems and tank probes, price boards and readers, at the same time works as IoT device and allows to continuously communicate to a remote server and provide it with all registered sales, events, alerts and realtime operation as well as allow the remote server to provide control over the forecourt equipment.

PTS-2 forecourt controller data upload to a remote server


Did you ever face the following or similar problems and tasks?

  • you have one or several petrol stations and you need to receive reports and realtime activity from them to your remote server.
  • you want to track possible technical problems and issues sometimes happening on the stations with a purpose to resolve them as quickly as possible in order to have the smallest possible downtime of the station.
  • you have fuel delivery trucks bringing fuel to the stations and you want to ensure that no stealing is made along the route (or if they are happening - then to know where and when).


The PTS-2 forecourt controller allows you to easily solve these tasks!

PTS-2 forecourt controller data upload to a remote server

The PTS-2 forecourt controller can be installed on new or already automated petrol stations (in between the POS and forecourt equipment) or in the fuel delivery trucks controlling the electronic register meters, tank probes and the GPS receiver. The PTS-2 controller while communicating to the pumps and probes saves all the events (sales, measurements, alerts, etc) to its database and automatically uploads them to any remote server you specify in its configuration:

  • all performed pump transactions, so that you know all the sales made and fuel dispensed
  • all changes of fuel measurements in tanks, so that you know current fuel remains
  • all detected in-tank deliveries, so that you know much much fuel was received from fuel delivery trucks
  • all found alerts/problems/warnings, so that you can immediately know about all technical failures and can quickly solve them
  • realtime status of all connected equipment, so that you could know live status
  • forecourt configuration, so in case of any change of configuration on forecourt the server will immediately know about it

Remote server also can provide control over all the forecourt equipment through the PTS-2 controller. As an example, the remote server can change prices for fuel grades, which will be immediately updated on all pumps and on the price boards. Please read more about the data uploaded to a remote server here.

PTS-2 forecourt controller data upload to a remote server
Example of report on detected alerts in the PTS-2 controller web server


The PTS-2 forecourt controller comes with a rich API and a detailed description of its communication protocol using JSON-requests, so it is very easy to implement it in any third-party software. If you want to have a ready server with all the features enabled - then we propose you our Monitor server software, which is hosted in the cloud and provides:

  1. collection of all reporting data on completed pump sales, tank measurements, in-tank deliveries, registered alerts and GPS records from each petrol stations with formation of the reports and charts
  2. collection of information on technical diagnostics of forecourt equipment operation (fuel dispensers, level gauges, price displays, RFID readers, PTS-2 controllers, etc.) from each filling station and immediately informing the user about any detected faults to provide minimal downtime of the station
  3. generation of daily inventory reports according to tank calibration tables allowing the user to control cases of possible theft of fuel by the service personnel of the gas station
  4. remote update of configuration in the PTS-2 controllers

Monitor server for collecting reporting and real-time data from the petrol stations
Example of dashboard of Monitor server software

Products in structure of this solution:

PTS-2 forecourt controller
PTS-2 forecourt controller

IoT forecourt controller PTS-2 which supports more than 120 brands of pumps and 40 brands of ATG systems. Go ahead with automation!

Monitor server software
Monitor server software

The Monitor server is designed for collecting reporting and real-time data from the PTS-2 forecourt controllers and other necessary information about the operation of the forecourt equipment of the gas station network, where the PTS-2 forecourt controllers are used for control over equipment.

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