Explosion-proof rechargeable hand-held test lamp "Lihtar-UV"

Test lamp "Lihtar-UV" is a hand-held battery-operated device designed to test the operability of flame detectors that react to UV radiation in the frequency range 185 ... 400 nm, installed as part of a fire and security alarm system to control ignition in industrial, communal and technological facilities.

Test lamps "Lihtar-UV" are used to test the operability of flame detectors Almaz in explosion-proof execution 03-Ex.

The test lamps belong to group II and are marked with explosion protection II 1G Ex ia IIA T6 Ga and can be used in explosion-dangerous areas of premises and outdoor installations, where the formation of explosive gas and/or dust mixtures is possible, provided that gas and/or dust does not absorb UV radiation in the frequency range 185 ... 400 nm.

The test lamps are designed for continuous operation at ambient temperatures from minus 20 to plus 35 ºС with the possibility of short-term operation at temperatures up to plus 45 °С. Relative humidity of the environment at a temperature of +25 °C is 98 ± 2% (with moisture condensation).

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