Modern technologies for petrol stations management

Modern petrol stations are quite sophisticated technological complexes. They are equipped with fuel dispensers, fuel management systems, tank monitoring systems, customer loyalty systems, bank terminals, self-service terminals, price displays, etc. All this equipment is integrated into a single complex through a petrol station management system.

In different countries, the preference is given to various technologies for customers servicing at petrol stations (with fuel attendants and without), various service options and various forms of payment. There are simple gas stations with one or several fuel dispensers and there are big ones with supermarkets and variety of goods, restaurants, car washes, etc.

Our company sees its goal to help all owners of filling station networks in the organization of their work and choose equipment and software that best suits to their needs. We produce a variety of equipment: from electronic communication boards with fuel dispensers to data consolidation systems from filling stations networks and customer’s loyalty systems.

On our website we list our products for petrol stations automation and technological solutions for various customers service techniques at filling stations.

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