Self-service solutions for petrol stations

Control over the fuel dispensers on petrol stations can be automated by installing Pinpad self-service terminals near the fuel dispensers. Pinpad - is a terminal intended for provision of self-service at petrol stations. It has wired/wireless communication and is equipped with a built-in display, keyboard, RFID-reader (Mifare/Em-Marine standards) and Wi-Fi module, which allows it to be used for following purposes:

  • preset of order to be dispensed from fuel dispensers
  • payment using fuel cards
  • check fuel card account balance
  • input of customer's additional data (vehicle plate number, customer name, etc)
  • command to print (reprint) receipt
  • identification of fuel attendants
  • self-service at petrol station

Together with NaftaPOS software Pinpad terminal can be configured to service all fuel dispensers or any particular fuel dispenser.

Self-service terminal Pinpad for petrol stations

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Pinpad terminal welcome window

Pinpad terminal options window
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