NaftaCards fuel cards system


NaftaCards fuel cards system for petrol stations – hardware and software complex for management and accounting of fuel sales at a single petrol station or a petrol station network using RFID fuel cards with fuel volume, money and discount wallets or their combinations.

The system allows to replace usage of cash and coupons to more reliable and convenient solution using fuel and money cards. The card of the NaftaCards system can be used by customer for petrol refilling at a petrol station and/or obtaining a discount.

The system allows to issue fuel and discount cards for customers and also the cards management and accounting of all sales using fuel cards, to manage customer accounts, and to set flexible discount system.

NaftaCards fuel cards system


Main functions of the NaftaCards system:

  • Issue and management of fuel cards
  • Management of the database of fuel cards and cardholders
  • Creation of discount policies, money and fuel wallets
  • Refilling of fuel volume and money on cards
  • Blocking/restoring of lost cards
  • Extensive reporting of fuel cards turnaround

Main advantages of NaftaCards system application:

  • Attracting new customers to petrol station network and ensure existing customer loyalty
  • Flexible loyalty system for customers (possibility to create discount and bonus policies and attractive programs)
  • Absence of a need of cash collection and hence the reduction in overhead costs
  • Reception of preliminary payment from customers (cardholders) and hence quicker money turnover
  • Control over purchases of customers from central office
  • Possibility to analyse sales and monitor trends in sales
  • Various identifiers can be used in the system for identification of the system user: RFID-cards, cards with magnetic strip, chip cards or barcode cards, various dongles
  • Possibility to track actions of fuel attendants and generate reports on daily revenue and hence minimize stealing of fuel by personnel of petrol station
  • Cards can be secured with a PIN-code

Main characteristics of NaftaCards fuel card system:

  • Rich set of operations with cards: personalization, issuing, return, refilling, blocking, unblocking, restoring, removal
  • Flexible development of discount policies
  • Operation in semi-online mode, which allows fuel cards system operation even with interruptions in Internet connection
  • Tracking sales on cards with maximal level of detalization
  • Sales on cards of all range of products in a petrol station
  • Possibility to block cards of debtors
  • Recording history of all card actions
  • A kit of reports for accounting and analysis

Discount system:

  • Flexible mechanism of creation of discount policies with a large selection of schemes and parameters
  • Usage of the same card for cashless payment, as well as a discount card
  • Mechanism of remote adjustment of parameters of discount policies
  • Support of several types of wallets on cards: money and discount


NaftaCards fuel card management system Click on image to enlarge

Structure of NaftaCards system includes following components:

  1. Cards (dongles, keys or other identifiers) – identifiers of customers and fuel attendants (servicing personnel of petrol station)
  2. Readers of cards (or other identifiers) for installation near fuel dispensers and also for connection to PC with NaftaPOS software
  3. NaftaPOS software for petrol stations with installed NaftaCards plug-in and local fuel cards database (more detailed information regarding the NaftaPOS software please find on NaftaPOS software web-page:
  4. Operation center software with central cards database – software for operation of the NaftaCards fuel card system (is installed on server)
  5. CardManager software – software for management over NaftaCards fuel card system operation: management over cards, cardholders and administration of the system (is installed on any PC, which is connected to Internet)
  6. Software for the web-site of the card system with personal cardholders accounts for viewing of cards states and operations with cards (is installed on server)


NaftaCards system can have several applications at petrol stations and for each application structure of system hardware can differ:

  • 1. Application of fuel cards by clients of the petrol station (private customers or corporate users).

    In this case cardholders are clients of the petrol station. Card readers can be installed near each fuel dispenser or near the NaftaPOS system inside the cashier premise of petrol station.

    If NaftaPOS systems works in the Preset mode of control over fuel dispensers – then after giving a command for dispensing in NaftaPOS system it will request a card to be brought to the reader for identification. The authorization command will be sent to forecourt controller in case if there is enough balance on the card to make ordered sales.

    In case if NaftaPOS works in Manual mode of control over fuel dispensers – then first it is necessary to select fuel grade for dispensing (by taking up required nozzle on fuel dispenser) and after that to bring a card to the reader (reader will be beeping and waiting for the card). Dispensing will be authorized with maximal limit of the card.

    NaftaCards fuel card softwareClick on images to enlarge
  • 2. Application of cards by fuel attendants of petrol station and building reports on activity of each fuel attendant.

    In this case fuel card is used for identification of fuel attendants, who are servicing at petrol station. The dispensing can only start in case if fuel attendant brings his fuel card to the card reader, which is installed on the fuel dispenser. The card reader reads the fuel attendant ID card and NaftaPOS system verifies it in the local cards database. NaftaPOS system will authorize the dispenser only in case if the card of fuel attendant is valid and allowed in the system, so without a valid fuel attendant card it is not possible to start dispensing (no one can steal petrol by start dispensing himself). Fuel attendant receives payment from clients. When sale is done NaftaPOS saves in local database information about performed sale: dispensed fuel volume, received payment amount and ID of fuel attendant, who serviced the dispensing. NaftaPOS system any time is able to generate a report on activity of every fuel attendant and total cash money amount, which the fuel attendant received from customers and should return to petrol station owner.

    Sistema de tarjetas de combustible. NaftaCards fuel card system
    Click on images to enlarge


Cards used in NaftaCards

Various types of identifiers can be applied in the system: RFID-cards, cards with magnetic strip, chip cards, barcode cards, various dongles, others. Current version of the system is supplied together with RFID-cards of EM-Marine or Mifare standards (cards of Mifare standard are considered to be more secure compared to cards of EM-Marine standard).

For protection of card from unauthorized usage any card in system can be protected with a PIN-code, which cardholder should input every time he uses his card.

Card in the system serves only as identifier of a cardholder and does not store any other information. All data from card (personal information of cardholder, PIN-code, his account, policies linked to the card, other information) is stored in operation center central cards database, information about remains on cards account and remained daily limits are also stored in NaftaPOS local cards database. Due to such approach it is not possible to hack a card to get this data and at lost of the card the account of cardholder will not be lost or damaged anyhow, it is easy to block the lost card and issue another card to customer, by linking the existing customer’s account to a new card.

Each card can contain one or several wallets. Fuel wallets are linked to specific products (fuel grades). Money wallets are linked to currency types. Depending on combination of wallets possibilities of the card can be significantly extended. For example it is possible to add money and discount wallets on the same card. Such a combination allows to provide cashless settlement at payment for product (money wallet) and at once get a discount on existing policy (discount wallet).

Life cycle of the car can be shown as follows:

  • Manufacture of card
  • Reception of card on the stock
  • Personalization of the card (linking card to cardholder’s account)
  • Active operation with card
  • Blocking of card (when the card is out of life cycle or is lost)

Every cardholder can have any quantity of any cards, on which in system a balance is fixed. Given balance is separated into money balance (total money sum, on which purchases in system were made) and volume balance (in liters, in case of fuel) for each type of fuel. Data on client and his balance is managed by company-owner of the card system.

In case if on the same product the client has several discounts – then these discounts are not summarized, but the biggest one from the discounts is applied.


Currently there are 2 different types of readers used in NaftaCards system:

VRD-E card reader with Ethernet interface
VRD-E card reader with Ethernet interface
Terminal '“PINPAD”'
Terminal “PINPAD”


CardManager software is intended for management over the NaftaCards fuel cards system (cards registration, cards issue, refilling of cards accounts, blocking of cards, etc) and also has possibilities for configuration of the Operation Center software: management over users, registration of clients, control over list of companies-cardholders, lists of products, others. Also the CardManager software has a possibility of reports review, which are connected to movement of cards, states of wallets, information on products sales, others.

NaftaCards fuel cards system for petrol stations NaftaCards fuel cards system for petrol stations
NaftaCards fuel cards system for petrol stations NaftaCards fuel cards system for petrol stations
NaftaCards fuel cards system for petrol stations NaftaCards fuel cards system for petrol stations
NaftaCards system operation
(click on images to enlarge)


NaftaCards system works together with NaftaPOS software for petrol stations, which is intended for:

  • provision of control over technological processes and forecourt equipment (fuel dispensers, ATG systems, price boards, car washes, others)
  • automated measurement and commercial accounting of petroleum products
  • provision of sales of retail products using various payment forms
  • automated reporting over petrol station operation history during a selected period of time
  • provision and tracking of personnel operation of petrol station
  • provision of bonus discount loyalty card system for customers
  • remote monitoring over petrol station operation
  • remote reporting of a petrol station operation through a network

NaftaPOS software general view 1 NaftaPOS software general view 2

General view of NaftaPOS software
(click on images to enlarge)


Web-site of fuel card system is intended for owners of NaftaCards fuel cards system to generate reports on the system operation. Owner of the system can create its own private cabinet on the web-site and review reports on all operations performed in the systems.

NaftaCards has a web-server application, which allows to have a web portal with following possibilities:

  • review of NaftaCards operations online
  • review of NaftaCards reports
  • schedule reports to be automatically delivered via E-mail, FTP, SSH, Windows Share or WebDAV to your business contacts in most popular file formats like HTML, EXCEL, EXCELX, PDF, DOCX, RTF, CSV, TSV, TXT or XML
  • supervision over users and their actions on the web-portal

Also at the same time same web-site can display operations performed on the petrol station from NaftaPOS database (review of NaftaPOS operation online, review of NaftaPOS reports, others)

Thus using a standard web-browser it is possible to receive reports on operation of NaftaCards systems at petrol stations and also to online monitor their activity.

NaftaPOS web reporting system NaftaPOS web reporting system
NaftaPOS web reporting system NaftaPOS web reporting system
Web reporting of NaftaCards operation through a web-browser
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NaftaCards software online video
Creation and application of fuel cards in NaftaCards software
(online video)

Creation of fuel cards in NaftaCards software
(online video)

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