Consolidated database software for petrol stations

NaftaPOS software leads a database, where it stores all the sales, prices and operations. It is possible to periodically gather data from each NaftaPOS software database, which are installed on different petrol stations of the network, to the central database of petrol company. Having data of all the petrol stations in 1 common database allows the following possibilities:

  • generation of reports for all petrol stations of the network with comparison between petrol stations, reports can be generated in various views for analytics and statistics of petrol stations activity to provide decisions for optimization of petrol stations operation
  • separation of the most and least profitable petrol stations, comparative analysis between petrol stations operation
  • centralized management over the products list and product prices (prices can be updated automatically on all petrol stations by command from central office)
  • supervision over petrol stations, its employees and their actions from central office, online monitoring of each petrol station activity (fuel dispensers operation, remains and parameters of fuel in tanks, current working shift operations) to provide control over personnel at petrol station and security

Consolidated database software for petrol stationsOperation of consolidated database software
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Demo version is available upon request

Screenshots of the software operation:

NaftaCards fuel cards system for petrol stations NaftaCards fuel cards system for petrol stations
Consolidated database management software
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NaftaPOS reporting NaftaPOS report example
Reporting in Consolidated database software
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